Finally a Book that Inspires ED Tech Leaders to TAKE CRTL!

Called the "Evangelist of Education Technology", Antwon Lincoln knows of what he speaks of when it comes to supporting teachers use of technology in education. In Confessions of a Technology Leader: Understanding the Job of a Technology Leader, Antwon shares his personal experiences and confessions in education technology. This book, through content, deep questions and funny entertaining stories provides a road map of what YOU can do to inspire educators to TAKE CTRL of the technology in their classroom!

*Avaliable in Book Format & Kindle.

Topics Covered In The Book

Just a few of the many topics covered in the the book

Leading the Reluctant Teacher

How do you encourage traditional teachers embrace technology?

Connecting with the Classroom Teacher

How do you build that relationship with the teachers to gain trust?

Educational Technology vs. Teacher

How do you share the goodness educational technology with the classroom teacher?

The Administrator and You

How do you work with your site administrator get results?

Developing and Maintaining Credibility

How do you stay current and connected in educational technology?

...and so much more

This is just a few of the essential questions answered in the book.

About Author

Antwon Lincoln

Antwon Lincoln is an instructional technology coordinator in Southern California. As a technology leader, he has served for over a decade in various school settings and has worked with grades kindergarten through 12th and served as an adjunct professor in higher education. A sought after conference and district presenter, and workshop leader providing attendees with a strong message and sound strategies on the issues of technology leadership in the field of educational technology.

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Confessions of a Technology Leaders is a workshop in a book. Click to gain access to for the school site TECHNOLOGY LEADER.


How do you inspire teachers to infuse technology in the classroom? How do you support teachers with little or no help? How do you inspire the reluctant teacher to use technology? Through “True” Confessions this podcast is for technology leaders who support the use of technology in a school or district setting.  Confessions of a Technology Leader: Understanding the Job of a Site Technology Leader is based on the book, under the same title. Book can be purchased on Amazon.


To be an effective site technology leader individuals in this position must Take CTRL, and strive to become a Competent Technology Resource Leader (CTRL).


The site technology leader must be effective and efficient. Understanding all aspects of the position will lead to a higher level of ability.


The site technology leader must possess a basic knowledge of technology, and, most importantly understand the role that technology plays in an education.


The leader’s role is to expand the user’s knowledge and usage of technology in an educational setting by providing valuable and useful technology resources.


The site leader also develops trusting relationships with users of technology, and builds on those relationships to achieve successful growth.

Let Antwon Inspire Your ED TECH Audiences to TAKE CTRL!

With over 19 years of experience in education technology, Antwon Lincoln knows  how to inspire audiences to TAKE CTRL.   

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