The Golden Rule of a Site Technology Leader | Section 1.8

What are your rules for your position? Every leader should have rules to ensure professional and personal success. In this episode of Confession of a Technology Leader Antwon Lincoln discusses the “Golden Rules” of a site technology leader.

Getting it Done | Section 1.7

How do you balance the tasks you are responsible as the site technology leader? This episode explores this delima and provides some simple strategy to ensure that you make an impact as the SITE TECHNOLOGY LEADER.

Technology “Whose” Plan | Section 1.5

What does your school want to achieve with technology? How does a technology coordinator connect with that? I this episode we focus on how to maximize your technology plan.



Finally a Job Description | Section 1.4

What are you really there to do? How do you make sure that importing things are getting done? This episode is about understand you role to maximize impact!

From Coordinator to Text Leader | Section 1.3

How do you make that transition from coordinator to lead? How do get teachers to take the first step to owning their role with technology? This chapter explores your role in building other technology leaders on your campus.

You Have Me at Hello Section 1.2

What is your vision for technology in education?  This episode focuses on the “WHY” you got into educational technology.

Introduction Section 1.1

Get ready to TAKE CTRL! This episode sets the tone for the book, Confessions of a Technology Leader: Understanding the Job of a Site Technology Leader. For ore information about the book log on to To purchase the book, go to Amazon